The Southlands

The Standing Stones 1
The Standing Stones 1

Players: Luke, Dave, Steve, Jordan, Devin
GM: Chris Crawford
PC’s: Scarborough(Dwarf), Derf(HlfElf), Ashar(HlfOrc), Findo(Dwarf), Mane(Dwarf)

-Players meet at DBTavern, Return to Tucker’s (Pilgrim) Hostel.

- Tucker is presented with dead wife’s scarf and scalp. Custody of Jasper(Talking Mule) is given over to DBTavern Adventurers Guild. Tucker is questioned on the reason for initial pilgrimage, he speaks of gaining favor from the gods by giving offerings at the “Standing Stones”.

- Players immediately agree to steal offerings at the “Standing Stones”.

- 2 henchmen are hired
-Blackey (Shady guy in black, human) hired by Scarborough
– Matilda (Big fat spell lady from the lumber mill) hired by Mane

-Team leaves in the morning full force (with Jasper) sets out cross country for “Standing Stones”

- Half way to objective team encounters goblins/orcs/hobgoblins
-Leader is Ogre in Warg drawn chariot
-Team hides prone in grass, evades detection by Ogre’s band.

-Team proceeds to objective, makes it by afternoon and ascends the 1,000 steps to the standing stones. Leaving Fat Spell lady Matilda and Jasper (Talking Mule)to make camp

- Team arrives at standing stones, immense amount of treasure in offerings is present. new section of map is discovered referencefacebook

It is revealed by Ashar that henchman “Blacky” is actually “Gavin” leader of the local group of bandits (It is unknown how Ashar knows Gavins True Identity)
-For the price of their lives, and future immunity from the local bandits, the team is given a mission by “Gavin”: -
—————Retrieve the town of Bruise Commandant’s daughter (Gavin’s one true love.)

- Gavin and group of 30 bandits leave standing stones. It is revealed their base of operations is the group of buildings north of the standing stones (Refer to new map).

- The Team all individually offer sacrifices at Alter of the Standing Stones.
-Mane: Receives Scroll of Power
-Scarborough: Receives Dragon Treasure/chest. Satchel carries 100lbs weightless
-Findo: Total control of Giant Undead Trell, for 30 in game days.
-Derf: 500 silver
-Ashar:+2 hp for 17 days

-The Trell is used to deceifer the 4 standing stones. which stand for
-arcane unnatural
-shadow night
-The adventurers descend into the forest below the standing stones.
-Ashar, Mane, Findo return to camp.
– Scarborough and Derf find a wizard butchering a unicorn in the woods

-The Wizard (Who is blatantly evil, and speaks against the Gods/Astrals) turns Derf into Goat, and shows great interest in the talking mule Jasper.

-At this point Ashar and Findo find the meeting
-Findo Just turns and leaves with his Trell (PEACE THE FUCK OUT)
-Ashar joins the evil cluster fuck.. evil shit ensues

- Derf, Scarborough, and Ashar all pay the wizard for gifts.
-Derf: Grenade
-Scarbrough: Gargoyle
-Ashar: Dagger with enchantment: Instant recall
-The team awakens the next morning and leaves for Bruise

-Halfway to Bruise the site of a skirmish is discovered, dead orc and goblin kind (Obvious slaves) lie massacred all around.
-Three baby Orc are found and retrieved by Ashar and Findo. Later Orc babies are taken to the Bruise Orphanage.

-The party returns to Bruise and heads to the local sage, Candyman.
-They discover that Scarborough’s Dragon Chest is
Most likely sought after by the Dragon who once owned it
Galbatrox. The sages prices are ridiculous, and the party leaves.
-Sage offers $5,000.00 Gold for Ogre Leader’s head.

-The party returns to the DBTavern and retire to bed. Derf turns back to his Half Elf form.

Potential objectives discovered:
1 Kidnap Commandant’s daughter for Gavin Bandit Chief
-Alternate: Betray Gavin to the Commandant, for price.
2 Retrieve Ogre Leader’s head for Sage (CandyMan)
-Alternate: Give Scarborough’s Dragon chest to Ogre Leader, hope Dragon(Galbatrox) kills Ogre for you.

Note: No combat occurred this game, tons of info was attained.

Lizard Lair
Lizard Lair

Players: Erik, Stuart, Steve, Jordan
GM: Chris Crawford
PC’s: Leiko, Ruxxar, Ashar, Findo

- Players meet at DBTavern, converse and move on to Tucker’s (Pilgrim) Hostel.

- Players strike deal with Tucker, Locate Tucker’s missing wife in exchange for Jasper (talking Mule) Tuckers wife has been abducted by Lizard People.

-Lizard People’s lair is located near swamp outside Bruise, Adventurers enter.

-Multiple Lizard Men Killed, all players take damage.

- Tucker’s wife located (Dead) scalp and scarf taken as proof of locating wife.

- Multiple contacts w/ Lizard Men, players escape. Much Damage taken, multiple items retrieved.

-Players return to Bruise

Total enemy casualties: 21(Lizard Men)
Total PC casualties: 0

*Note: Players in game officiated the creation of the DBTavern Adventures Guild.. PC must complete one game to be an official guild member. Jasper talking Mule is added to guild and is now property of the guild as a whole.

- All Henchmen that reach lvl2 can be added to the guild as “Retainers” and in future games can be hired by any guild member. - Items, Treasure, Weapons, Armor, all can be added to the guild inventory.

-Entry by Findo Gask of the Black Rock Clan.

The First Stop on The Pilgrimage

“You’re in no brothel sir, that coin won’t get you into these robes. And if you think to force yourself upon me you’ll find this dagger between your ribs so fast your fucking head will spin. There’s more than one decent man in this bar that would have your head if harm came to me, and many more without honor who would do the same. After many unspeakable acts to be sure.” Tush calmly uttered as her dagger thunked into roughhewn and dirty table.

Every head in the establishment turned at the sound of steel. The man slowly backed from the table and the pace and hum of drinking and cavorting resumed.

“Now where was I?” The lady pondered after a long draught of ale. “That’s right, here, I was here. It was the morning after we had returned from that cursed cemetery and I met back up with Scarborough the dwarf here in the tavern. He was with two strange men, well not men exactly. One was another dwarf, a strange little spellcaster, the other an elf. The elf seemed out of place in the bar, some sort of woods priest or druid I suppose. Scarborough introduced us and we soon found out these men were here for the same reason as I, fortune and fame by means of adventure.”

A shabby dwarf sauntered up to the table. “Ah, Tush, trying to entice these fine young men to your bedchamber, or just one of them?” He laughed, taking a seat across from Tush with the three men. “She’ll tell the tale of our deeds true enough men, but don’t believe a word of her if she’s looking to undue those trousers.”

“Get buggered Scarborough. Boys this is my compatriot Scarborough. Don’t mind him, he’s spent a lot of coin in the tavern tonight and seems to have a loose tongue. One I’ll loosen from his mangy gob entirely if he keeps at it.” Tush coolly said behind a wry smile. “As I was saying, we found two men who sought to join us in hunting treasure and monsters. The story is that many who have been making the ‘Pilgrimage’ lately have been going missing or ended up dead. And after testing our mettle at the cemetery we figured this was the job for us.” The three young men inched closer to the table, enraptured and ready to get to the heart of the tale.

“We met Tucker at the gate, a man from town whose wife had gone missing on the pilgrimage. Kidnapped by lizard men, so he said. We had borrowed his talking ass, and were still using him, with the promise we would return with his wife. It had been two days since he recruited us, and the lot of us, Tucker included, were grim about the prospects of finding her alive. Setting off for the first stop on the journey we encountered nothing on the trail.” Tush’s voice quieting, her cadence slowing.

“Coming upon a large hill upon which the first stop along the pilgrimage stood, we encountered a pack of Hyenas. I was just as happy to skirt around them as they fed upon a corpse we couldn’t make out, but that little elf fucker had other plans,” She glowered, “Going into a trance he was able to coax the alpha male out of the pack towards himself. He seemed to have made a bond with it after about half an hour. That’s when I sent a spell exploding behind the other animals, sending them fleeing into the grassland.”

“Ha! The look on those mutts faces when that spell went off!” Scarborough laughed.

Glaring down Scarborough Tush resumed her tale. “With our new companion we began climbing up the large hill. Reaching its zenith, we came upon a good sized pond surrounded by an oak grove. There was a large boulder at the other end of the pond with some other smaller rocks surrounding it. Nothing was amiss and it was quite tranquil, save for a large amount of blood that had flowed from the top of the large boulder to the ground. It had poured over a large stone face that was carved into the rock, the face of a woman it seemed. When approaching the boulder to investigate two of the smaller ‘rocks’ turned out to be fucking bug bears! One was so startled it took off through the trees, the other was deftly felled by a single arrow from Scarborough here.”
“Deft indeed,” Slurred the dwarf through a mouthful of bread, cheese and ale.

“Jumping onto the rock I saw a man, his throat seeming to be clawed open, sprawled in no particular fashion upon its top. He was a man from town, no one special, but dead none-the-less. Searching him revealed little, as did a probe of the area for tunnels, hidden alcoves or signs of how he had come to his end. The dwarf mage, Mane, disrobed and took the opportunity to swim in the still, clear pond. I thought it a wonderful idea and disrobed myself,” Tush gave a wink to the young man nearest her. “Diving in the pond was quite invigorating until the little twat brought up some sort of stave between my legs and then cast a weak charm spell on me. If I hadn’t been so bewildered by the staff he would have never charmed me, I’m still cursing myself for letting that one get by. And before you open your half-witted mouth, yes, I’m sure it wasn’t his cock,” She said with leer in Scarborough’s direction.

“Bringing the staff to shore we investigated. Twin snakes carved up the length, topped with antlers. We couldn’t discern anything special about it other than its beauty and the dwarf mage took it for his own. I clambered back up the rock, dressed and gathered my gear. The puny elf druid nicked the iron dagger I had taken off the corpse. It wasn’t anything special but I’m still sour about it. He can get fucked by a tree for all I care,” She spat out.

“Not a second after I had belted on mine own dagger and picked up my staff, five lizard men burst out of the undergrowth into the clearing around the pond. Three of us stood upon the rock, Scarborough, the druid and I. The other mage stood on the ground, taking cover behind the smaller rocks near the face carved into the boulder. What happened next is somewhat of a blur,” She said with a sigh, seeming to ready herself for the telling of the battle.

“I was just readying a spell that would have easily killed one of the lizard men and maimed another when I took a glancing blow from a thrown javelin. It was painful as hell but only a flesh wound, I lost my grasp upon my spell though. I felt more than heard the dwarf mage fry one of the beasts with some sort of electric spell. It made the hair on our arms stand on end and the air around us buzzed with magic and electricity. I had just enough time to ready a fire spell I learned as a child when one of the lizard men approached my side of the rock. One touch of my hand on his arm as he tried to spear me sent him up in flames, running through the forest and flying off the edge of the large hill that we stood upon. With two down the druids’ hyena companion wrestled another into the dirt tearing out its throat and entrails, only two left. They were both close. Arrows felled one, and the other was dealt a death blow from the end of my staff, crushing his reptilian scull,” A large smile crept over Tush’s face as she recalled the event.

“We didn’t find much upon them, some spears, javelins and a bit of gold. Thanking the gods and leaving an offering, we left the once serene grove and made our way back to Bruise.”

“Wot ‘appened next?” Piped the man, nearer to being a boy, in the middle.

“We got back to town you dumb bloody cunt!” Declared Scarborough, slamming his now empty flagon on the table, and let out a belch only a drunken troll could rival.

“Aye, we made it back to town safely. Now, you boys look stout, and you seem like you know which end of a sword to stick the enemy with. What say you of taking up an adventure? There’ll be gold and danger aplenty.” The beautiful Tush asked of the three young men.

“I’m in,” Said the ugly one sitting next to Scarborough.

“Aye, me too,” answered the young one in the middle.

“And what of you handsome?” Tush inquired of the man sitting nearest her as she rose from the table. “If you’ll be joining us on the morrow, our own little adventure can begin right now,” she quietly said over her shoulder with a wink, as she sauntered towards the exit hips swaying.

“I’m in!”


The First Adventure

“Well I came into Bruise from farther North than I care to think about. I came through the gates just before they were closing without the coin for night at the inn. I did however have enough to assure I would be drunk enough not to care by the end of the night. These tits have gotten me out of similar jams in the past so I strolled into this beautiful shithole.
After a shot of the worst whiskey distilled this side of Hag Mountain, and horn of ale, I over heard someone seeking adventure. A seedy little dwarf was talking to two HUGE men at the bar, well one was a half-orc but I digress. I cut in on their cheers and asked them where they were heading.
I swear if I wasn’t a woman, or at least a good looking one, that Orc would’ve skewered me then and there.
They had no direction but a desire, so we talked to the one armed man over there. He told us a few tales of dark magic, missing persons and lizard men in the surrounding area. There was one tale of commotion at the cemetery, and we decided that was where we would go. Much closer to the city walls at the end of the day and less daunting than the cave he seemed to be pushing us towards.
We talked to a terrified local the next morning over some ale whose wife had been kidnapped near the cemetery just the day before. After little information and a deal brokered for us to use his talking ass, Jasper, we set off.
Nothing seemed amiss at the cemetery when we arrived in the afternoon. Splitting up and scouting the graveyard we were ambushed by a pack of mangy, starving fucking jackals. Gods! I hate jackals. After a short fight three lay slain and the others ran. One with a burning, charred backside thanks to yours truly. Since the only thing that seemed to be plaguing the cemetery were emaciated jackals we decided to eat and rest a bit. The dwarf and the man set up camp to cook the jackals while the Orc, Ashor I think his name is, and I went about looting a couple good sized sarcophagi. Don’t judge me, grave robbing isn’t my profession, but I will seize an opportunity for gold.
One sarcophagus had no bottom and what seemed to be stairs down into the darkness. The group decided to eat before venturing into this unknown. Shortly after tearing into the tough jackal meat the sun set behind the cliffs in the west. That’s when it got interesting.
Spirits rose up from every grave around us. Ghastly apparitions in various states of death. Some seemed to be crushed by a wagon or torn limb from limb by nothingness right before our eyes. It was horrifying, but they seemed only to wish to recount their deaths and ask about their loved ones. Until one spirit rushed towards us. He spoke in the vague and ominous way only a spirit can, and told us of something desecrating the dead under the graveyard. Fearing the worst we steeled ourselves and went to the stairs under the cairn.
We sent the dwarf in first disguised as a jackal to scout ahead. It was truly a sight to behold, but the small fellow played a fairly convincing jackal. We came to the end of a pitch black corridor, opening into a small cave. Bodies were strewn about the room, none fresh, in what seemed to be a random order. Not the work of a necromancer, or at least not a good one. Under a blanket there was a trembling mass that shouted ’Don’t hurt me I’m just a blanket!’ We assured whomever was under the blanket that they would come to no harm if they cooperated. What emerged was grotesque. A scrawny humanoid that looked like it had been in cave for far to long and had its limbs stretched to odd proportions and eyes as big around as tea cups. It seemed fairly harmless but the dwarf kept an arrow knocked and pointed in its direction. There was a strange urn in the corner with an otherworldly beam of light shooting out of the top. It was a bright light but oddly it didn’t light the cave.
We discussed our current situation openly for a bit. Too openly in fact. The huge man, a cleric, and the dwarf were loudly talking of dispatching the pitiful creature when it attacked. It never stood a chance. We decided it would be a good time to grab what we could find and get the fuck out of there. Ashor, braver than I, pulled a scull out of the pot. The beam of light emanated from the hollow sockets. Taking care not to look directly into the light we searched the small cave finding some gold and trinkets. With our small treasure we set back off for the city. And that’s what I’m doing here in Bruise, adventuring. Now are you going to buy me drink or should I go find that half-orc Ashor? Man I bet he knows how to really plow a field if you catch my drift.” Wink


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