The Southlands

Lizard Lair

Lizard Lair

Players: Erik, Stuart, Steve, Jordan
GM: Chris Crawford
PC’s: Leiko, Ruxxar, Ashar, Findo

- Players meet at DBTavern, converse and move on to Tucker’s (Pilgrim) Hostel.

- Players strike deal with Tucker, Locate Tucker’s missing wife in exchange for Jasper (talking Mule) Tuckers wife has been abducted by Lizard People.

-Lizard People’s lair is located near swamp outside Bruise, Adventurers enter.

-Multiple Lizard Men Killed, all players take damage.

- Tucker’s wife located (Dead) scalp and scarf taken as proof of locating wife.

- Multiple contacts w/ Lizard Men, players escape. Much Damage taken, multiple items retrieved.

-Players return to Bruise

Total enemy casualties: 21(Lizard Men)
Total PC casualties: 0

*Note: Players in game officiated the creation of the DBTavern Adventures Guild.. PC must complete one game to be an official guild member. Jasper talking Mule is added to guild and is now property of the guild as a whole.

- All Henchmen that reach lvl2 can be added to the guild as “Retainers” and in future games can be hired by any guild member. - Items, Treasure, Weapons, Armor, all can be added to the guild inventory.

-Entry by Findo Gask of the Black Rock Clan.


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