The Southlands

The Standing Stones 1

The Standing Stones 1

Players: Luke, Dave, Steve, Jordan, Devin
GM: Chris Crawford
PC’s: Scarborough(Dwarf), Derf(HlfElf), Ashar(HlfOrc), Findo(Dwarf), Mane(Dwarf)

-Players meet at DBTavern, Return to Tucker’s (Pilgrim) Hostel.

- Tucker is presented with dead wife’s scarf and scalp. Custody of Jasper(Talking Mule) is given over to DBTavern Adventurers Guild. Tucker is questioned on the reason for initial pilgrimage, he speaks of gaining favor from the gods by giving offerings at the “Standing Stones”.

- Players immediately agree to steal offerings at the “Standing Stones”.

- 2 henchmen are hired
-Blackey (Shady guy in black, human) hired by Scarborough
– Matilda (Big fat spell lady from the lumber mill) hired by Mane

-Team leaves in the morning full force (with Jasper) sets out cross country for “Standing Stones”

- Half way to objective team encounters goblins/orcs/hobgoblins
-Leader is Ogre in Warg drawn chariot
-Team hides prone in grass, evades detection by Ogre’s band.

-Team proceeds to objective, makes it by afternoon and ascends the 1,000 steps to the standing stones. Leaving Fat Spell lady Matilda and Jasper (Talking Mule)to make camp

- Team arrives at standing stones, immense amount of treasure in offerings is present. new section of map is discovered referencefacebook

It is revealed by Ashar that henchman “Blacky” is actually “Gavin” leader of the local group of bandits (It is unknown how Ashar knows Gavins True Identity)
-For the price of their lives, and future immunity from the local bandits, the team is given a mission by “Gavin”: -
—————Retrieve the town of Bruise Commandant’s daughter (Gavin’s one true love.)

- Gavin and group of 30 bandits leave standing stones. It is revealed their base of operations is the group of buildings north of the standing stones (Refer to new map).

- The Team all individually offer sacrifices at Alter of the Standing Stones.
-Mane: Receives Scroll of Power
-Scarborough: Receives Dragon Treasure/chest. Satchel carries 100lbs weightless
-Findo: Total control of Giant Undead Trell, for 30 in game days.
-Derf: 500 silver
-Ashar:+2 hp for 17 days

-The Trell is used to deceifer the 4 standing stones. which stand for
-arcane unnatural
-shadow night
-The adventurers descend into the forest below the standing stones.
-Ashar, Mane, Findo return to camp.
– Scarborough and Derf find a wizard butchering a unicorn in the woods

-The Wizard (Who is blatantly evil, and speaks against the Gods/Astrals) turns Derf into Goat, and shows great interest in the talking mule Jasper.

-At this point Ashar and Findo find the meeting
-Findo Just turns and leaves with his Trell (PEACE THE FUCK OUT)
-Ashar joins the evil cluster fuck.. evil shit ensues

- Derf, Scarborough, and Ashar all pay the wizard for gifts.
-Derf: Grenade
-Scarbrough: Gargoyle
-Ashar: Dagger with enchantment: Instant recall
-The team awakens the next morning and leaves for Bruise

-Halfway to Bruise the site of a skirmish is discovered, dead orc and goblin kind (Obvious slaves) lie massacred all around.
-Three baby Orc are found and retrieved by Ashar and Findo. Later Orc babies are taken to the Bruise Orphanage.

-The party returns to Bruise and heads to the local sage, Candyman.
-They discover that Scarborough’s Dragon Chest is
Most likely sought after by the Dragon who once owned it
Galbatrox. The sages prices are ridiculous, and the party leaves.
-Sage offers $5,000.00 Gold for Ogre Leader’s head.

-The party returns to the DBTavern and retire to bed. Derf turns back to his Half Elf form.

Potential objectives discovered:
1 Kidnap Commandant’s daughter for Gavin Bandit Chief
-Alternate: Betray Gavin to the Commandant, for price.
2 Retrieve Ogre Leader’s head for Sage (CandyMan)
-Alternate: Give Scarborough’s Dragon chest to Ogre Leader, hope Dragon(Galbatrox) kills Ogre for you.

Note: No combat occurred this game, tons of info was attained.


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