Dark-haired half-elven Ranger who dual wields swords.


Ala’ron Half-Elf Ranger Chaotic Good AC:+7 Lvl: 1 XP: 1716 Age 31 Height: 5’9 Weight: 153
STR:17 To hit: +3 Damage: +3 Encumbrance: +50 Minor Test: 1-3 Major Test: 13%
DEX:12 Surprise: 0 Missile to hit: 0 AC:0
CON:14 HP: 0 Major Test: 92 Minor: 88
INT:13 Languages: Elven, Common,
WIS:14 Mental Save: 0

SAVES: Aimed Magic Items: 16 Breath: 17 Death, Par, Poi: 14 Petrification, Poly: 15 Spells: 17

Weapons: Longsword: vs SorM:1d12
Shortsword: vs SorM:1d12
Comp. Long Bow: vs s,m,l: 1d6 +STR due to composite

Armor: Studded Leather: AC: -3

Birth of a D-BAG

Ala’ron was born the product of a human mercenaries lust and an elven maidens misfortune. He spent his youth among the elves where he learned the skills he would later utilize as a ranger. While they sheltered, fed, and clothed him Ala’ron was always viewed by the elves, including his own blood, as an abomination. As soon as he came of age he left the elven village and began lending his services to law enforcement tracking down criminals.

During one such foray Ala’ron was hired to track down a small group of sibling thieves. Ala’ron led the captain of the guard and several of his soldiers along a forest path. After less than two hours the trail of the thieves cut into the woods and Ala’ron heard the sound of his quarry crashing through the underbrush. His party caught up with the three in a small wooded clearing. Two of the children were twin boys of what could not have been more than 10 years. The third was a scared looking girl of perhaps 15.

The girl held the dagger in a shaking hand as the boys huddled on the ground behind her. Her bag, spilled on the ground, showed an assortment of pouches and small gems filched from the belts of unsuspecting citizens. “Please, we had to eat. Please let us go!” The captain stepped forward, drawing his sword. At the sight of steel the boys began shrieking and the girl lunged forward in desperation. The captain, without hesitation, ran her through as the soldiers manacled the boys and tied them over a horse. With hardly a glance the captain tossed Ala’ron his pouch of silver and rode off. Ala’ron turned, fully disgusted with this display of lawful “justice”, and headed south, for he had heard rumors of a need for adventurers in the untamed lands there.


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