Fredrick The Brave

6'2". Dark brown hair, medium/short length. Long, well kept mustache. Missing right leg at midpoint of thigh.


HP – 10
AC – 6

Str – 17
Dex – 12
Con – 17
Int – 14
Wis – 13
Cha – 13

Aimed Magic Items – 16
Breath Weapons – 17
Death, Paralysis, Poison – 14
Petrification, Polymorph – 15
Spells – 17

Great Sword
Silver Morning Star
Silver Dagger
Throwing Daggers


Fredrick is a fighter with a clear mind for strategy and a hatred for goblins. His leg was removed at the hands of some goblin slavers and had it not been for his fellow adventurers, his head would have been removed too.

Planning and strength of mind are just as important as a strong sword arm, and no one is a better strategist than Frederick. Whether it is setting up an ambush, convincing a local giant to aid in battle, or simply delegating attack maneuvers, Frederick is second to none.

Wielding his morning star, Frederick crushes all those that stand in his way. His most trusted comrade is a half-elf ranger by the name of Ala’ron. They are both members of the Drunken Basilisk Adventure Guild.

Fredrick is good at heart, although his methods can seem unorthodox. He is just as likely to slit a bandits throat as he is to take him to trial. Fredrick looks to do the right thing by his own moral code, and he has little need for laws and rules that might stand in his way.

There are two things in this world that Fredrick hates with an absolute passion. The first is goblins, he will cleave the head off of any goblin unlucky enough to face him in battle. The second is cowards, do not run away from your fellow adventurers.

Fredericks main goals are to find loot and henchmen. He knows the importance of having a loyal and trusted group of followers. He is not picky about the form his henchmen take, one of them is a three-eyed giant after all. He is currently looking for a new leg to replace the black metal rod he currently has. And always gold.

Fredrick The Brave

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