Apprentice blacksmith and novice cleric of the Forge of Souls the temple/foundry of Hogarth


Level: 2
HP: 13
Strength: 17
Dex: 12
Intellect: 17
Wisdom: 11
charisma: 13
Constitution: 12
AC -4
Chain mail armor using a blacksmith hammer and shield


The son of a blacksmith Ruxor found the calling of Hogarth when a wondering cleric showed up at his fathers forge. He taught Ruxor that not all blacksmiths are priests of Hogarth but all priests of Hogarth are blacksmith. This and the clerics sheer mastery over metals and the forge inspired Ruxor to become the most powerful cleric and most skilled blacksmith. To do this he is going to need the best hammer anvil and forge.


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