The Dwarves were great and mighty in ages past. They were sombre and grim and dwarfish and sang long low songs, but they were hard as fucking nails, so instead of getting decedent and pervy, whenever their civilisation got bored, they would collectively find the evilest creatures and forces across all the cosmos and they would just fuck with them. Just to ruin evils day. That is what the dwarves did with their spare eons. Century over century over century of tracking down daemons and liches and diabolic dragons and creatures of the outer dark and just fucking with them, killing them, wrecking their plans, freeing their slaves, bringing down the dark towers, just for the pleasure of doing it. That’s how you run a culture. (I can’t take credit for this. This paragraph was written by Patrick Stuart who runs this blog

Dwarves were the race given domain over the mountain ranges of Vehtar Gys. They stand about 5ft and are heavy set, wide, and stout. Dwarves don’t much like elves or trell because of the sacrifice their patron lord made to end Korag Kerund Swah. That being said, Dwarves will permit business to be done with anyone because, after all, business is business.

The Dwarven Thrones

The Throne of Swords
Colors: Green, gold


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